21 Coolest Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Sleeve tattoos have always been a popular option for tattoo lovers everywhere. It is usually the tattoo guys get after getting tattooed before. They are also very popular since they can be very creative. Maybe you just wanna see how these tattoos look or you are looking for your next tattoo inspiration. Sleeve tattoos, as the name suggests, mean that you get one or several tattoos that end up covering your arm. A half sleeve tattoo is something like a short sleeve shirt. It does not go all the way, it only covers half of your arm. Half sleeve tattoos for men look especially good on guys with toned arms, biceps and shoulders. And although full sleeve tattoos are much more noticeable, a half sleeve can be much more discreet and affordable. Many people start with half sleeve tattoos and gradually build their way up to a full sleeve tattoo. 

Tattoos look best when they feature something meaningful. Compliment the artwork with a quote that resonates with you, like the loved one name or a favorite saying. Dragon tattoos have always been popular sleeve tattoos designs. They are mostly done on the upper arm or shoulder because of the complexity of the tattoo and since you can extend it to your chest.  Tiger is an animal that many consider being the symbol of strength. Tigers can be great upper arm sleeve tattoos because of the structure of the tattoo. A great half sleeve tattoo is one that involves flowers. For instance, you can get a rose tattoo at first. After some time add more flowers to it and extend it into a half sleeve tattoo. Floral designs are not that hard to do and can look pretty when done in colors as well and it can turn into beautiful artwork.

Beautiful half arm tattoo design with a tiger on it source
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The idea of ​​a butterfly tattoo flying on a beautiful flower source
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source Amazing tattoo ideas with classy picture designs source
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Classy tattoo ideas with pictures of flowers in bloom source
Simple tattoo design with attractive flower images source
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Amazing dragon tattoo ideas on beautiful flowers source
Cool red flower tattoo design with black dragon source

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