Do you plan to get a great tattoo? Today, tattoos are not only considered as body jewelry. Tattoos are also used as a universal language that represents individuality, temperament and even personality thinking. Tattoos have become part of the trend,

For working women, outfits are important. If you are so desperate to wear your chic clothes, don’t worry. Maybe here can be your inspiration for formal spring work outfits for women over 40.

Nowadays, there are a lot of men’s summer outfit references when you are browsing on the internet, social media or online shops. There are so many booming trends in this season but your summer outfit that you choose can impact not only on your look but also on your comfort level.

Colorful eye makeup might look so good on magazines, but does it look as good in real life? The answer is certainly a yes! Especially if your eyes are already charming to begin with. The colors that you put on could even accentuate the beauty of your eyes.

The top knot will be your best friend on the second or third day of your hair cycle and is a great way to pull all the hair from your face while still looking very chic and put together. Top knot is a practical style for every hair type regardless of whether your hair is curly or straight, long or short, thin or thick.

Tattoo is a work of art that is believed to define a person, tell a story, and represent the amazing skills of a dedicated artist. Although in the process it is painful, many people are interested in having it.

Sometimes makeup is important for women. But not all women have the opportunity to do makeup, especially eye makeup. Eye makeup is not an easy thing to do for some people.

When you’re reading Who What Wear, it’s probably safe to assume that you enjoy keeping up with the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty. Even if that’s not the case, odds are you like to experiment with your personal style every now and again, and what better way to dip your toes—erm, fingers—into a new trend than with your manicure?

In addition to the world of fashion, beauty trends ranging from makeup to hair styles continue to change. Favorite hairstyles in each year also always change with the development of fashion. The hair stylist on several occasions dresses the artist with a certain hairdo.

Nowadays women’s hair models are developing very modern. Discussing the trend of models and hair styles is endless. The popularity of the latest female hairstyles is also supported by various parties, one of which is a public figure, one of the parties who is influential in this regard.